World Cup Championship Round 3 Results

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World Cup Championship Round 3 Results

(OSHAWA, ONTARIO) The United States defeated England 21-8 to earn a spot in a familiar place – the Gold medal match. Team USA is in pursuit of its second straight and seventh overall World Cup title. Tournament host Canada, on the other hand, thrilled its fans by earning its first ever shot at a Gold medal by defeating Australia 11-7. Canada had never beaten Australia in World Cup play, but they went 2-0 in this World Cup beating the Aussies in pool play and in the Semis.

Today’s Medal match-ups:

Medal Round – Saturday, July 20th

BRONZE MEDAL GAME &mdash: 12:30 PM – #3 Australia vs #4 England
GOLD MEDAL GAME &mdash: 3:00 PM – #1 USA vs #2 Canada

See the complete bracket tracking chart: CHAMPIONSHIP BRACKET



Championship Bracket Semifinal Results


Canada Tops Australia, Advances to First World Cup Final

#2 Canada 11, #3 Australia 7

OSHAWA, Ontario — For the first time in the history of the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) Women’s World Cup, the U.S. and Canada will meet in the championship game Saturday at 3 p.m.

AUS v CAN 7-19

Mandy Friend #2 of Team Canada tries to get past Lyndsey Paton #22 of Team Australia during the second half. (Photo by Brian Watts / via GDP)

Canada earned its first-ever berth in a championship game with an 11-7 win over Australia. Goalie Katie Donohoe made 13 saves in the win, earning player of the match honors.

“K-Hoe gives our defenders some opportunities to take some chances. She’s so calm and cool out there,” Canadian coach Alexis Venechanos said.

Canada never trailed in the match, which was just its second win over the Australians in FIL history. The first came earlier in the tournament, when the Canadians rallied for a 13-12 victory in pool play.

“We knew if we came out flat, we’d dig ourselves into a hole that you can’t get out of at this point in a World Cup tournament. We wanted to get the first draw possession and the first goal, and we did that,” midfielder Dana Dobbie said.

With the loss, Australia fell to 2-3 overall and will play England in the bronze medal match. It is the first time since 1993 that the Australians have not been in the gold medal game. Coach Max Madonia cited poor shot selection and failure to adjust to Canada’s zone defense in the loss, as well as the emotional impact of losing star attacker Jen Adams to a torn ACL just before the tournament.

“Jen is just an entity outside of everything. The residual of that loss is still here today. Is that an excuse? Absolutely not. It’s not about one person. Our inability to connect through the spine of the field, our stick skills and our shooting weren’t on point,” Madonia said. “I’m really sad for the girls. But it is what it is. All I can do is try to win the bronze medal tomorrow.”

Win or lose on Saturday, the host Canadians have already posted their country’s best World Cup finish, but Dobbie says her team is not in just-happy-to-be-here mode.

“If you’re happy just to be there, you should go home already,” she said.

Australia 3 4 7
Canada 7 4 11

Australia SCORING: GOALS: Hannah Nielsen 2; Sarah Mollison 1; Karen Morton 1; Stacey Sullivan 1; Marlee Paton 1; Cassandra Cursaro 1. ASSISTS: Sarah Mollison 2; Courtney Hobbs 1; Karen Morton 1; Hannah Nielsen 1.

Canada SCORING: GOALS: Dana Dobbie 4; Mandy Friend 3; Abbey Friend 1; Brooke Eubanks 1; Crysti Foote 1; Emily Boissonneault 1. ASSISTS: Mandy Friend 2; Megan Takacs 1; Vanessa Vanderzalm 1.

Player of the Match – Canada’s Katie Donohoe

—Clare Lochary | Lacrosse Magazine Online (republished with permission)

Full original story: Canada Tops Australia, Advances to First World Cup Final

Box Score


Steady Vets Lead Team USA to FIL Final

#1 USA 21, #14 England 8

OSHAWA, Ontario — You can build a team with all the talent in the world. But one thing that you can’t replicate, no matter how hard you try, is the calm that comes with the experience of having been there.

In advancing to Saturday’s gold medal game at the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) World Cup, the U.S. women were able to rely on just that experience.

USA v ENG 7-19

Danielle Etrasco #13 of Team United States during the first half. (Photo by Brian Watts / via GDP)

Team captain Lindsey Munday and defender Gina Oliver helped anchor a 21-8 victory over England, which made things a lot closer than the final score indicated.

Oliver was named the Player of the Match after scooping four ground balls and causing three turnovers for the Americans, who scored 14 of the game’s final 17 goals, including a 9-1 run to close after England pulled within 12-7 with back-to-back goals early in the second half.

“I don’t think concerned would be the right word,” Team USA coach Ricky Fried said. “We have to give [England] credit for what they were doing. They like to play fast and north-south, and they were doing that extremely well.

“But we have the advantage in depth and athleticism, so we know that teams who play that way can get goals, but they usually can’t sustain it for 60 minutes.”

Early in the game, England had done a good job of breaking Team USA’s full-field ride, making over-the-top passes that led to some 1-on-1 breakaways that exposed goalie Devon Wills. At one point, England had it as close as 7-5.

“I think we were being a little reactive instead of seeing what they were doing,” Oliver said. “We just had to understand where they were trying to put the ball and stop that. Our ride is something we hang our hat on, so sometimes we’re over-aggressive for a reason.”

USA v ENG 7-19

Katrina Dowd #4 of Team United States on the attack during the first half. (Photo by Brian Watts / via GDP)

As the defense put the clamps down on England, the Team USA offense went to work, littering the scoreboard again with goals and assists out of 10 different players. Munday had four goals and two assists, while Danielle Etrasco scored four times to go with an assist. Katrina Dowd had three goals, leaving her one shy of tying the Team USA record of 24 in a tournament, set by Quinn Carney in 2005.

Dowd also had an assist in the contest, with Katie Rowan (2g, 2a), Kristen Igoe (1g, 2a), Sarah Bullard (2g), Kelly Berger (2g) and Sarah Albrecht (1g, 1a) all contributing. Kristen Carr had three draw controls for the U.S. Bullard, Igoe and Caitlyn McFadden won two each.

“Our goal for this tournament has been to continually raise the bar for ourselves,” Munday said. “We’re not looking at the score to determine if we’re successful. We’re looking at how we played and if it’s how we want to leave the field.”

England will face Australia in the bronze medal game Saturday afternoon. Laura Merrifield, Sarah Taylor and Emily Gray scored two goals apiece in the semifinal loss. Sophie Brett had a goal and an assist, while Gray contributed four draw controls.

England 5 3 8
USA 11 10 21

England SCORING: GOALS: Laura Merrifield 2; Sarah Taylor 2; Emily Gray 2; Sophie Brett 1; Ruby Smith 1. ASSISTS: Sophie Brett 1; Annie Hillier 1; Kirsten Lafferty 1; Alison Smith 1; Keely Watt 1.

United States SCORING: GOALS: Lindsay Munday 4; Danielle Etrasco 4; Katrina Dowd 3; Katie Rowan 2; Sarah Bullard 2; Kelly Berger 2; Kristen Igoe 1; Sarah Albrecht 1; Caitlyn McFadden 1; Kristen Carr 1. ASSISTS: Kristen Igoe 2; Lindsay Munday 2; Katie Rowan 2; Sarah Albrecht 1; Katrina Dowd 1; Danielle Etrasco 1.

Player of the Match – USA’s Gina Oliver

—Sean Burns | Lacrosse Magazine Online (republished with permission)

Original story: Steady Vets Lead Team USA to FIL Final

Box Score


Other Results


GER v NED 7-19

Anna Blank #16 of Team Germany runs with the ball by Mieke Bakker #2 of Team Netherlands. (Photo by Jay Johnston / via Game Day Photography)

Germany 21, Netherlands 2

Player of the Match – Germany’s Tessa Helf

Germany 11 10 21
Netherlands 2 0 2

Germany SCORING: GOALS: Anna Blank 4; Charlotte Biffar 4; Mareile Kriwall 4; Pia Balz 2; Lisa Neubert 1; Tessa Helf 1; Eva Schulte 1; Laura Koschorek 1; Magdalena Heiser 1; Kristina Schafer 1; Jella Kandziora 1. ASSISTS: Lisa Neubert 3; Pia Balz 1; Anna Blank 1; Tessa Helf 1; Eva Schulte 1.

Netherlands SCORING: GOALS: Sarah Wyborgh 1; Kimberly Vuurboom 1. ASSISTS: None.

Box Score


AUT v NZL 7-19

Isabelle Schimek #8 of Team Austria tries to protect the ball while being checked by Amelia Scharting #24 of Team New Zealand. (Photo by Shawn Muir / via GDP)

New Zealand 20, Austria 5

Player of the Match – New Zealand’s Sarah Butler

New Zealand 9 11 20
Austria 2 3 5

New Zealand SCORING: GOALS: Sarah Butler 6; Sian Halliwell 4; Victoria Lelo 4; Kiki Shum 2; Clare Stewart-Hunter 1; Lisa Beagley 1; Katie Knaus 1; Sally Rutherford 1. ASSISTS: Lisa Beagley 2; Clare Stewart-Hunter 2; Sian Halliwell 1; Katie Knaus 1; Kiki Shum 1.

Austria SCORING: GOALS: Isabelle Schimek 2; Claudia Mikula 1; Katharina Prochazka 1; Lena Kuglitsch 1. ASSISTS: Katharina Bierbacher 1.

Box Score


HAU v WAL 7-19

#22 Amber Hill of Team Haudenosaunee advances past #6 Ros Lloyd Rout of Team Wales. (Photo by Brian Watts / via GDP)

Wales 15, Haudenosaunee 14

Player of the Match – Wales’s Laura Warren

Wales 7 8 15
Haudenosaunee 6 8 14

Wales SCORING: GOALS: Ros Lloyd Rout 4; Laura Warren 3; Becky Thomas 2; Iona Dryden 2; Calan Jones 2; Lucy Wray Mercey 1; Sophy CoombesRoberts 1. ASSISTS: Lucy Wray Mercey 2; Becky Thomas 1; Laura Warren 1.

Haudenosaunee SCORING: GOALS: Trenna Hill 4; Erin Francis 2; Sam Miller 2; Awehiyo Thomas 2; Naomi Walser 1; Alie Jimerson 1; Dana Issacs 1; Michaela Rich 1. ASSISTS: Erin Francis 4; Dawn Easley 1; Trenna Hill 1; Naomi Walser 1.

Box Score


ISR v SCO 7-19

Olivia Grant #7 of Team Scotland shoots the ball past Katie Mazer #4 of Team Israel. (Photo by Shawn Muir / via GDP)

Scotland 9, Israel 7, ot

Player of the Match – Scotland’s Alisa Stott

Scotland 5 2 1 1 9
Israel 3 4 0 0 7

Scotland SCORING: GOALS: Alisa Stott 3; Eleanor Bygroves 2; Olivia Grant 2; Julia Paterson 1; Catriona Thomson 1. ASSISTS: Alisa Stott 1.

Israel SCORING: GOALS: Jenna Block 2; Kimberly Dubansky 2; Alison Curwin 2; Lauren Dykstra 1. ASSISTS: Jenna Block 2; Samantha Ellis 1; Sarah Meisenberg 1.

Box Score


HKG v SWE 7-19

Teckla Jackson #6 of Team Sweden tries to protect the ball while being checked by #11 Ka Hei Hui of Team Hong Kong. (Photo by Jay Johnston / via Game Day Photography)

Hong Kong 15, Sweden 5

Player of the Match – Hong Kong’s Keiko Muramatsu

Hong Kong 10 5 15
Sweden 4 1 5

Hong Kong SCORING: GOALS: Keiko Muramatsu 7; Ka Hei Lorrie 3; Kinuko Shiotani 2; Wai Kwan Leung 2; Allison Lee 1. ASSISTS: Allison Lee 1; Ka Hei Lorrie 1.

Sweden SCORING: GOALS: Ebba Ovren 2; Helene Hollingworth 1; Teckla Jackson 1; Linnea Bengtsson 1. ASSISTS: Helene Hollingworth 2.

Box Score


LAT v KOR 7-19

Evelina Melnikova #10 of Team Latvia tries to protect the ball while being pursued by Seung Yun Jee #6 and Hyeyeon Ji #33 of Team Korea. (Photo by Shawn Muir / via GDP)

South Korea 7, Latvia 5

Player of the Match – South Korea’s Yuri Cho

Latvia 4 1 5
South Korea 6 1 7

Latvia SCORING: GOALS: Alise Dune 1; Laura Baltmane 1; Rachel Lasda 1; Gretchen Lasda 1; Laura Liepina 1. ASSISTS: Alise Dune 1.

South Korea SCORING: GOALS: Yu Minohara 3; JyHyun Song 2; Grace Son 1; Eunah Choi 1.

Box Score


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