World Cup Championship Round 2 Results

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World Cup Championship Round 2 Results

(OSHAWA, ONTARIO) Unlike Round One there were no surprises is the Quarterfinals of the Championship Bracket. All of the four top seeded teams moved on to the Semifinals. The #1 seeded USA squad dominated #8 Haudenosaunee 20-1, #4 England shut out #5 Wales 10-0, #2 Canada downed #10 Israel 17-5 and #3 Australia defeated #11 Scotland 26-2.

Today’s Semifinal match-ups:

Semifinals – Friday, July 19th

11:30 AM – #1 USA vs #4 England
2:00 PM – #2 Canada vs #3 Australia

See the complete bracket tracking chart: CHAMPIONSHIP BRACKET



Championship Bracket Quarterfinal Results


USA dominates Haudenosaunee in FIL Quarters

USA v HAU 7-18

Katrina Dowd #4 of Team United States shoots the ball as #9 Charlene Tobias of Team Haudenosaunee pursues. (Photo by Shawn Muir / via GDP)

#1 USA 20, #8 Haudenosaunee 1

Team USA turned in a dominant effort in the quarterfinals of the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) World Cup, defeating the Haudenosaunee 20-1.

Danielle Etrasco put the U.S. on the board first just 43 seconds into the contest, and scored four of the game’s first seven goals as the Americans raced out to a 7-0 lead in the game’s first ten minutes. Nine players scored in the first half, including three goals from Katrina Dowd, who leads the team with 26 points (20g, 6a) through five games. Team USA led 15-0 at halftime.

The U.S. defense held the Haudenosaunee scoreless for 53:46 before Awehiyo Thomas scored a free-position shot with 6:44 remaining in the second half. Team USA surrendered just three Haudenosaunee shots, and has allowed just 4.2 goals per game through five games.

Team USA, the lone undefeated team remaining in the tournament, will face England in Friday’s 11:30 a.m. ET semifinal.

Haudenosaunee 0 1 1
USA 15 5 20

Haudenosaunee GOALS: Awehiyo Thomas 1. ASSISTS: None.

United States GOALS: Danielle Etrasco 5; Katrina Dowd 3; Kelly Berger 2; Katie Schwarzmann 2; Kristen Igoe 2; Katie Rowan 1; Lindsay Munday 1; Kristen Carr 1; Sarah Bullard 1; Holly Reilly 1; Caitlyn McFadden 1. ASSISTS: Katie Rowan 5; Kelly Berger 2; Lindsay Munday 2; Sarah Albrecht 1; Danielle Etrasco 1; Katie Schwarzmann 1.

Player of the Match – USA’s Katie Rowan

—From Press Release | Lacrosse Magazine Online (republished with permission)

Original report: Team USA Dominates Haudenosaunee in FIL Quarters, 20-1
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Australia beats Scotland: gets rematch with Canada in Semis

AUS v SCO 7-18

Stephenie McNamara #19 of Team Australia makes a pass during the first half as #9 Julia Paterson of Scotland pursues. (Photo by Brian Watts / via GDP)

#3 Australia 26, #11 Scotland 2

Led by Player of the Match Sarah Mollinson (7 goals, 1 assist) and Sonia LaMonica (6 goals), Australia rolled to a 26-2 victory over Scotland. The Aussies put 9 goals on the board before Catriona Thomson scored one for the Scots at 16:39 of the first half. Australia then rattled off seven more to end the half up 16-1.

Australia continued its dominance in the second half outscoring Scotland 10-1. The Aussie defense limited Scotland to just 6 shots on goal while taking 38 of their own.

Marlee Patton (3 goals, 1 assist) netted a hat trick and Hannah Nielsen (2 goals, 4 assists) picked up six points for the Aussies.

The win sets up a much anticipated rematch in the Semifinals with #2 Canada at 3:00PM today. Canada upset Australia 12-11 in pool play last Friday (see recap).

Scotland 1 1 2
Australia 16 10 26

Scotland GOALS: Eleanor Bygroves 1; Catriona Thomson 1. ASSISTS: Julia Paterson 1.

Australia GOALS: Sarah Mollison 7; Sonia LaMonica 6; Marlee Paton 3; Hannah Nielsen 2; Courtney Hobbs 2; Lyndsey Paton 1; Stacey Sullivan 1; Isabelle Pickett 1; Cassandra Cursaro 1; Abbie Burgess 1; Alicia Wickens 1. ASSISTS: Hannah Nielsen 4; Sarah Mollison 2; Lyndsey Paton 2; Rebecca Banyard 1; Cassandra Cursaro 1; Sue McSolvin 1; Marlee Paton 1; Isabelle Pickett 1; Stacey Sullivan 1.

Player of the Match – Australia’s Sarah Mollison

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Canada faces Australia in Semifinals with win over Israel

ISR v CAN 7-18

Mandy Friend #2 of Team Canada shoots the ball while being chased by Sarah Meisenberg #24 and Katie Mazer #4 of Team Israel.
(Photo by Shawn Muir / via GDP)

#2 Canada 17, #10 Israel 5

Israel, in their very first World Cup appearance, went back and forth with Canada and only trailed by two (6-4) at the half. In the second half, Canada asserted themselves by scoring nine straight unanswered goals and ended up outscoring Israel 11-1.

Mandy Friend scored 4 goals and an assist to earn Player of the Match honors and Crysti Foote, Emily Boissonneault, Dana Dobbie and Vanessa Vanderzalm all scored two goals in the contest.

Canada faces #3 Australia in much anticipated rematch today at 3:00PM. Host Canada defeated Australia for the first time in World Cup competition in a pool play matchup last Friday (see recap).

Israel 4 1 5
Canada 6 11 17

Israel SCORING: GOALS: Kimberly Dubansky 2; Sarah Meisenberg 1; Jenna Block 1; Amanda Schwab 1. ASSISTS: Jenna Block 1; Sarah Meisenberg 1.

Canada SCORING: GOALS: Mandy Friend 4; Crysti Foote 2; Emily Boissonneault 2; Dana Dobbie 2; Vanessa Vanderzalm 2; Kaylin Morissette 1; Brooke Eubanks 1; Megan Takacs 1; Katie Guy 1; Lydia Sutton 1. ASSISTS: Brooke Eubanks 1; Crysti Foote 1; Mandy Friend 1; Kaylin Morissette 1.

Player of the Match – Canada’s Mandy Friend

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England shuts out Wales — now faces #1 USA in Semis

ENG v WAL 7-18

Charlotte Williams #5 of Team Wales goes on the attack with #5 Keely Watt of England defending. (Photo by Brian Watts / via GDP)

#4 England 10, #5 Wales 0

England limited Wales to just 2 shots in route to a 10-2 shut out win in the Quarterfinals. Sophie Brett, Keely Watt and Alison Smith each scored a pair of goals and Emily Gray picked up five assists to earn Player of the Match for the English. Erin Walters and Gill Aldcroft were busy in net for the Welsh making 13 saves off 31 shots.

England faces #1 USA in the Quarterfinals at 11:30AM today.

Wales 0 0 0
England 4 6 10

Wales GOALS: None. ASSISTS: None.

England GOALS: Sophie Brett 2; Keely Watt 2; Alison Smith 2; Rachel Kirchheimer 1; Kirsten Lafferty 1; Laura Merrifield 1; Sarah Taylor 1. ASSISTS: Emily Gray 5. Shots by period 1 2

Player of the Match – England’s Emily Gray

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Diamond Bracket Results


GER v FIN 7-18

Player of the Match Mareile Kriwall #6 of Team Germany. (Photo by Andy Corneau / via GDP)

Germany 18, Finland 3

Player of the Match – Germany’s Mareille Kriwall

Finland 1 2 3
Germany 10 8 18

Finland GOALS: Tia Baumgartner 2; Ilona Markkanen 1. ASSISTS: Ilona Markkanen 1; Tiia Oja-Nisula 1.

Germany GOALS: Lisa Neubert 5; Mareile Kriwall 2; Charlotte Biffar 2; Anna Blank 2; Pia Balz 2; Eva Schulte 2; Laura Koschorek 1; Tessa Helf 1; Jella Kandziora 1. ASSISTS: Laura Koschorek 2; Mareile Kriwall 2; Lisa Neubert 2; Jaclyn Au 1; Charlotte Biffar 1; Tessa Helf 1; Jella Kandziora 1.

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KOR v HKG 7-18

Player of the Match Eunah Choi #11 of Team Korea shoots the ball while being checked by Leanne Chu #3 of Team Hong Kong. (Photo by Shawn Muir / via GDP)

South Korea 22, Hong Kong 8

Player of the Match – South Korea’s Eunah Choi

Hong Kong 3 5 8
South Korea 12 10 22

Hong Kong GOALS: Carrie Lam 3; Allison Lee 3; Ka Hei Lorrie 1; Wai Kwan Leung 1. ASSISTS: Ka Hei Lorrie 2; Carrie Lam 1.

South Korea GOALS: Eunah Choi 6; Grace Son 4; JyHyun Song 4; Yu Minohara 2; Eun Hee Yoon 2; Hyeyeon Ji 1; Garam Na 1; Chae Eun Lee 1; Jiyoon Kang 1. ASSISTS: Eunah Choi 1; Hyeyeon Ji 1; Yu Minohara 1.

Box Score


IRE v AUT 7-18

Vanessa Bridge #4 of Team Ireland. (Photo by Brian Watts / via GDP)

Ireland 10, Austria 4

Player of the Match – Ireland’s Kaitlin Billups

Austria 3 1 4
Ireland 5 5 10

Austria GOALS: Isabelle Schimek 2; Claudia Mikula 1; Daniela Zlobl 1. ASSISTS: None.

Ireland GOALS: Caroline Peters 5; Katelin Billups 2; Claire Halliday 1; Robyn Morris 1; Kaitlyn Leidl 1. ASSISTS: Vanessa Bridge 2; Claire Halliday 2; Katelin Billups 1.

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JAP v NZL 7-18

Sian Halliwell #13 of Team New Zealand and Saori Hieda #14 of Team Japan face off. (Photo by Andy Corneau / via GDP)

Japan 23, New Zealand 4

Player of the Match – Japan’s Saori Hieda

New Zealand 4 0 0
Japan 14 9 23

New Zealand GOALS: Katie Knaus 2; Clare Stewart-Hunter 1; Kiki Shum 1. ASSISTS: Sonjah Yaw 1.

Japan SCORING: GOALS: Akiko Wada 4; Mai Kemmochi 3; Yuko Kobori 3; Rie Mito 3; Natsuki Taniyama 3; Nanae Iizuka 2; Ryoko Ikura 2; Saori Hieda 2; Eriko Ogawa 1. ASSISTS: Nanae Iizuka 2; Ryoko Ikura 2; Mai Kemmochi 2; Saori Hieda 1; Yuko Kobori 1; Miho Sugimoto 1; Akiko Wada 1.

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LAT v SWE 7-18

Laura Baltmane #20 of Team Latvia runs with the ball with #8 Ebba Ovren of Team Sweden in pursuit. (Photo by Andy Corneau / via GDP)

Latvia 10, Sweden 6

Player of the Match – Latvia’s Valerija Druzjaka

Sweden 0 6 6
Latvia 6 4 10

Sweden GOALS: Helene Hollingworth 2; Teckla Jackson 1; Linnea Bengtsson 1; Ebba Ovren 1; Team Sweden 1. ASSISTS: Teckla Jackson 1.

Latvia GOALS: Valerija Druzjaka 3; Madara Dulevska 3; Laura Liepina 2; Gretchen Lasda 1; Liva Araja 1. ASSISTS: Valerija Druzjaka 1; Madara Dulevska 1; Gretchen Lasda 1.

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