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World Cup Championship Round 1 Results

(OSHAWA, ONTARIO) Round 1 of the Championship Bracket was highlighted by two big upsets. #11 Scotland upended previously unbeaten #6 Japan in a thrilling come from behind win in the final minutes and #10 Israel ousted #7 New Zealand. #5 Wales defeated #12 Austria and #8 Haudenosaunee eliminated #9 Ireland in the other two Championship Bracket games.

The Quarterfinal round is set for today as follows:

Second Round Quarterfinals – Thursday, July 18th

12:30 PM – #1 USA vs #8 Haudenosaunee
3:00 PM – #4 England vs #5 Wales
5:30 PM – #2 Canada vs #10 Israel
8:00 PM – #3 Australia vs #11 Scotland

See the complete bracket chart: CHAMPIONSHIP BRACKET



Championship Bracket Results


Scotland comes from two goals back in the final six minutes to upset Japan

JAP v SCO 7-17

Eleanor Bygroves #6 of Team Scotland celebrates after scoring the game winning goal with 3.9 seconds left to play. (Photo by Brian Watts / via GDP)

#11 Scotland 13, #6 Japan 12

The Scottish Women’s Lacrosse team showed a tremendous amount of heart on Wednesday. After facing a five goal run by the Japanese squad that put them up by two goals at 12-10 with 5:41 to play, the Scots roared back with two goals of their own to tie the game with just a minute and 25 seconds left in regulation.

Then the miracle occurred when Team Scotland’s Eleanor Bygroves netted the game-winner with just 3.9 seconds left on the clock.

Scotland moves on to face #3 Australia in the Quarterfinals tonight at 8:00PM.

Scotland 7 6 13
Japan 5 7 12

Scotland GOALS: Alisa Stott 3; Julia Paterson 3; Eleanor Bygroves 3; Susan Clark 2; Olivia Grant 1; Emma Economou 1. ASSISTS: Alisa Stott 2; Emily Knight 1.

Japan GOALS: Akiko Wada 6; Rie Mito 2; Mai Kemmochi 1; Saori Hieda 1; Eriko Ogawa 1; Ryoko Ikura 1. ASSISTS: Akiko Wada 3; Yuko Kobori 2; Mai Kemmochi 1; Hikari Takano 1.

Player of the Match – Scotland’s Julia Paterson

Box Score


Israel advances to Quarterfinals with upset win over New Zealand

NZL v ISR 7-17

MC Holdaway #12 of Team New Zealand runs with the ball as #4 Katie Mazer of Team Israel defends.
(Photo by Gary Keys / via GDP)

#10 Israel 12, #7 New Zealand 9

The Kiwis scored the first goal of the game, but Team Israel scored eight unanswered after that to roll to an 8-2 first half lead.

It looked like it was going to be a rout as Israel built its lead to 11-4 at 11:50 of the second half. New Zealand then staged a furious rally in the final eleven minutes outscoring Israel 5-1, but finally fell three goals short as the game ended 12-9.

Israel moves on to a Quarterfinal match-up with #2 Canada at 5:30PM today.

Israel 8 4 12
New Zealand 2 7 9

Israel GOALS: Alison Curwin 4; Jenna Block 2; Kimberly Dubansky 2; Lauren Dykstra 2; Samantha Ellis 1; Amanda Schwab 1. ASSISTS: Jenna Block 2; Samantha Ellis 2; Alison Curwin 1; Kimberly Dubansky 1.

New Zealand GOALS: Sarah Butler 3; Stephanie Eaton 3; Katie Knaus 2; Kiki Shum 1. ASSISTS: Stacey Wright 1; Sonjah Yaw 1.

Player of the Match – Israel’s Alison Curwin

Box Score


Wales defeats Austria in dominating round one win

WAL v AUT 7-17

Marina Resch #6 of Team Austria tries to protect the ball while being checked by Laura Warren #9 of Team Wales. (Photo by Tim Bates / via GDP)

#5 Wales 21, #12 Austria 0

Wales got big offensive performances from Ros Lloyd Rout (8G-1A) and Sophy Coombes-Roberts (6G) on its way to a 21-0 shut out victory over Austria. As good as the offense was, it was the Welsh staunch team defensive effort that was the story of the game, holding the Austrians to no shots on goal in the contest.

Wales advances to face #4 England in the Quarterfinals today at 3:00PM.

Austria 0 0 0
Wales 14 7 21

Austria GOALS: None. ASSISTS: None.

Wales GOALS: Ros Lloyd Rout 8; Sophy CoombesRoberts 6; Becky Thomas 3; Iona Dryden 2; Lucy Wray Mercey 1; Amy Martin 1. ASSISTS: Lucy Fowler 4; Laura Warren 4; Lucy Wray Mercey 2; Amy Martin 1; Ros Lloyd Rout 1; Becky Thomas 1.

Player of the Match – Wales’ Sophy Coombes-Roberts

Box Score


Haudenosaunee notch impressive first round win over Irish

HAU v IRL 7-17

Dawn Easley #1 of Team Haudenosaunee scores a goal in 19-3 win over Ireland. (Photo by Gary Keys / via GDP)

#8 Haudenosaunee 19, #9 Ireland 3

The Haudenosaunee put on a show for the fans with a balanced attack that saw six players score two or more goals. Player of the Match Dawn Easley, Erin Francis, Awehiyo Thomas, Stacy Smith and Trenna Hill provided the multi-goal firepower.

The Haudenosaunee combined the big offensive effort with great team defense outshooting Ireland 34-10.

The win earned the Haudenosaunee a shot at #1 USA in the Quarterfinals at 12:30PM today.

Ireland 2 1 3
Haudenosaunee 10 9 19

Ireland GOALS: Caroline Peters 2; Kaitlyn Leidl 1. ASSISTS: Victoria Devine 1.

Haudenosaunee GOALS: Dawn Easley 4; Erin Francis 3; Awehiyo Thomas 3; Stacy Smith 3; Trenna Hill 2; Naomi Walser 2; Michaela Rich 1; Marissa Haring 1. ASSISTS: Erin Francis 3; Trenna Hill 2; Awehiyo Thomas 1; Naomi Walser 1.

Player of the Match – Haudenosaunee’s Dawn Easley

Box Score


Diamond Bracket Results


NED v FIN 7-17

Laura Koski-Sipila #13 of Team Finland celebrates a goal. (Photo by Gary Keys / via GDP)

Netherlands 11, Finland 10

Player of the Match – Netherlands Sarah Sweerts de Landas Wyborgh

Finland 5 5 10
Netherlands 6 5 11

Finland GOALS: Laura Jamsen 3; Sinikka Ijas 2; Tia Baumgartner 2; Ilona Markkanen 1; Laura Koski-Sipila 1; Teija Laitinen 1. ASSISTS: Sinikka Ijas 2.

Netherlands GOALS: Sarah Wyborgh 3; Mieke den Bakker 2; Evelien van Ingen 2; Karen Massop 1; Thea Rodenburg 1; Coosje Hammink 1; Kimberly Vuurboom 1. ASSISTS: Sarah Wyborgh 2; Mieke den Bakker 1; Karen Massop 1; Thea Rodenburg 1; Hanneke vanVerseveld 1.

Box Score


KOR v SWE 7-17

Player of the Match Grace Son #7 of Team Korea in first half action. (Photo by Tim Bates / via GDP)

South Korea 23, Sweden 7

Player of the Match – South Korea’s Grace Son

Sweden 1 6 7
South Korea 10 13 23

Sweden GOALS: Ebba Ovren 2; Teckla Jackson 1; Linnea Bengtsson 1; Helene Hollingworth 1; Anna-Klara Nilsson 1. ASSISTS: Teckla Jackson 2.

South Korea GOALS: Eunah Choi 7; Yu Minohara 5; Grace Son 4; Eun Hee Yoon 2; JyHyun Song 2; Aul Lee 1; Hyeyeon Ji 1; Jane Lee 1. ASSISTS: Yu Minohara 2; Jiyoon Kang 1; Aul Lee 1.

Box Score


HKG v LAT 7-17

Laura Baltmane #20 of Latvia shoots the ball as Hong Kong’s #13 Kinuko Shiotani defends. (Photo by Brian Watts / via GDP)

Latvia 12, Hong Kong 11, 2ot

Player of the Match – Latvia’s Evija Rozite

Hong Kong 9 2 0 0 11
Latvia 7 4 0 1 12

Hong Kong GOALS: Ka Hei Lorrie 2; Yan Ling Lam 2; Keiko Muramatsu 2; Allison Lee 2; Kinuko Shiotani 2; Katherine Mok 1. ASSISTS: Yan Ling Lam 1; Wai Kwan Leung 1; Ka Hei Lorrie 1.

Latvia GOALS: Evija Rozite 3; Madara Dulevska 3; Rachel Lasda 2; Ieva Opolska 1; Valerija Druzjaka 1; Alise Dune 1; Evelina Melnikova 1. ASSISTS: Ieva Opolska 3; Laura Liepina 1; Elina Vitola 1.

Box Score


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