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Lacrosse Scotland honors pioneers and legends

(Edinburgh, Scotland) As the Scottish women’s lacrosse team prepares for the upcoming 2013 Women’s World Cup Championship beginning July 11 in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, Lacrosse Scotland is delighted to announce the members of their newly formed Hall of Fame.

Scotland has always been proud that lacrosse for women started at St Leonards School in 1890. Scotland’s women played their very first International match against Wales in April 1913. Scotland won 7-2.

Lacrosse Scotland decided to mark the Centenary of Women’s Lacrosse Internationals in 2013 by honoring those who had made an outstanding contribution to lacrosse in Scotland during the last century. Seven Pioneers have been selected for the Lacrosse Scotland Hall of Fame together with fourteen Legends.

Certificates will be presented to Lacrosse Scotland Hall of Famers, or their relatives, on 20th April at the University of Edinburgh Playing Fields, Peffermill.



Josephine K. Stewart was a member of the first Ladies Lacrosse Council in 1912 and was the first President of the SLLA between 1920 – 1935. She was involved with coaching lacrosse to girls at St Leonards from 1893.

Dorothy Simpson (Lowe) played in the first international in 1913. She was a founder member of the SLLA. She was a player, Auditor, Secretary and Treasurer from 1921-1924, Secretary from 1921-1926, Selector between 1921-1939 and 1946-1953. Between 1927–1935 she was Vice President of the SLLA and President from 1935–1953. She served as Honorary President from 1953 until her death in 1974.

Norah Strathairn was a member of the first international team in 1913. She continued to play, coach and also wrote coaching tips in Hockey and Lacrosse Field in the 1920s and 30s. She was Captain of Scotland for many years in the 1920s.

Rosabelle Sinclair was a member of first Scottish international team in 1913. She successfully started women’s lacrosse in the USA in 1926. In 1992 she was the first female to be inducted into the US Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

Joyce Cran Barry (Cran) played lacrosse for Scotland in 1923 and 1924. She was a member of Edinburgh Ladies. She went to America and was the first President of the USWLA in 1931. Joyce started the CRANBARRY Equipment Company in Marblehead, Massachusetts. In 1993 she was the second female to be inducted into the US Hall of Fame, alongside Margaret Boyd of England.

Betty Thin played in the 1920s/30s and obtained 22 caps. Unusually for that era she continued to play after she married and was known as Mrs Carnegie.

Hope Douglas-Brown played between 1920 – 1937, she was also Captain of Scotland for a number of years.

1926 Scotland Women's Lacrosse Team

1926 Scotland Women’s Lacrosse Team ©


Louise Rankin was involved with Scottish Lacrosse from 1938 onwards. When matches resumed after the war Louise was one of the more experienced players. She Captained Scotland and was a member of the 1954 GB team which toured the USA. She was Chairman of Selectors in the 1960s. Louise was President of the SLLA and later, in 1974, Honorary President of the SLLA.

Caro Macintosh* played for Scotland between 1952 –1969. She Captained Scotland between 1960 – 69. Caro played for GBITTs in 1960 and was selected for GBITTs in 1967. She was a Selector for Scotland between 1970 – 1974. She organised Holiday Weeks at Largs in 1961, 1963 and 1967. Caro was a member of the 1993 Women’s World Cup Committee and was responsible for the opening and closing ceremonies in Edinburgh.

Anita Clapperton played for Scotland 13 years between 1956 and 1969. She was selected for the GBITTs in both 1960 & 1967 and went on the British Pioneers Tour in 1969. Anita was an A umpire.

Sylvia Gibbard (McCrann) played for Scotland for ten years between 1961 – 70 inclusive. She was selected for the Rest of GB in 1965 and the GBITTs 1967 tour. She was also selected for the British Pioneers in 1969. She also contributed to a coaching manual produced by Marjorie Pollard in which, as a member of the Scotland and GBITT squad, she outlined how to play 1H.

Fiona Roger played for Scotland between 1965 and 1975. In 1967 was selected for the GBITTs. Fiona was Match Secretary for the SLLA between 1970 – 1974 and Bulletin Editor between 1973-76. She was a Selector in 1980 – 1981 and in 1983/1984. Fiona coached the Scotland B Squad in 1994/95. She helped to organise three USA tours to Scotland. Fiona represented Scotland at the first meeting of the IFWLA and helped to set up the IFWLA Patron’s Club.

Judy Summerson (Minns)* played for Scotland 1964 – 74. She was Captain in 1973- 1974. Judy was selected for the 1969 British Pioneers team and for the 1973 GBITTs team which went to the USA that year. Between 1974 – 84 Judy was Chairman of Selectors and was Scotland’s Manager at the Brine 1982 World Lacrosse Tournament

Liz Bellamy (Black)* played for Scotland between 1962 – 1969. She was selected for the British Pioneers in 1969 but did not go on tour. She was the first Development Officer for the SLLA and held several different positions on the SLLA Board: North Representative, Match Secretary, East Co-ordinator, and Anglos Scots Representative. Liz served as a Selector for Scotland. She was Manager of the Scotland World Cup Squad which won a Bronze Medal in the USA in 1986.

Maddie McDonagh Pain played for Scotland between 1979 – 1991. Captain of Scotland 1979 – 81. Vice Captain of the Celts for their tour to USA and Canada in 1981. Vice Captain of the 1982 World Cup Squad. Maddie was a member of the Scottish Squad which toured to Australia in 1983 and the GB squad which went to Hong Kong and Australia in 1985. In 1986 Maddie was Vice-Captain of Scotland’s Bronze Medal-winning squad at the 2nd World Cup in Pennsylvania, USA. In 1988 Maddie went to Canada with the Celtic Squad and in 1989 was a member of the Scottish Squad who went to the World Cup in Australia. In 1993 Maddie was the Manager of the Scotland Squad for the World Cup in Edinburgh.

John Marr earned selection to the England team for the 1982 World Games, where he broke the record for the most saves in a World Cup match. When a Scottish Men’s team was proposed, a century after it had last played, he was instrumental in its re-establishment in 1991. John was an ever-present selection in goal for over 15 years and he was also a major force in the organization and management of squads to the European and World Games. John’s Scotland career encompassed the first eight European Championships (1995 to 2008), four World Championships (1994, 1998, 2002 & 2006) and also the first World Indoor Lacrosse Championships in 2003. John holds the record for the most caps.

Mary McCosh (Wiltshire) played for Scotland in 1976 and was invited to select for the Scottish Schoolgirls. Mary was the only Scot selected for the successful GB tour to Australia in 1978 and was selected again for the GB team to play USA in 1979. She was selected to become a GB and a Senior Scotland Squad Selector. Mary was a member of the SLA Committee in various guises. She organised tournaments, she was the East Representative and then SLA President. Mary represented Scotland at IFWLA meetings for several years. In 1993 Mary was the Director of the 1993 Women’s World Cup in Edinburgh. She also took on the role of Manager for the Junior Scotland Squad.

Lorna Powell (Murdie/Scott)* played for the Scottish Schoolgirls and then for Scotland in three World Cups 1982, 1993 and lastly in 1997 when she was the Captain. She was the Head Coach for Scotland from 1997 to the 2001 World Cup. Lorna umpired at Under 19 World Championships in 1999, 2003 and 2007 and at the Senior World Cup in 2005. She was invited to be a Technical Delegate at the Prague World Cup in 2009. At the Under 19 World Championships in 2011in Hannover, Lorna was given an Emeritus Umpire Award. She has gained refereeing awards so she could officiate men’s club & university games and learn more about the men’s game. Lorna has been a SLA Committee/LS Board member for many years. Lorna is currently the Director of the U19 World Championships which will take place in Edinburgh in 2015.

Valerie Houston had just left school when she volunteered as a steward at the Brine 1982 World Lacrosse Tournament in Nottingham in 1982. She was taken under the wing of Carol Kleinfelder (USA) and trained to be a statistician, long before those of us in the UK knew about such things! Val subsequently played for Scotland in the following six World Cups from 1986 – 2005 and went to the 2009 Prague World Cup as a spectator. Val captained Scotland and was Coach to Under 19s World Championships Squad in 1999. She was the Assistant Coach for the U19 Squad in 2003. She also made a valuable contribution to the women’s squads through her knowledge of Strength and Conditioning.

Jenny Pearson (Dawson)* was selected to play for the Scottish Schoolgirls in 1975 and was Captain of the team in 1976. Between 1981 – 2003 Jenny was the Rules & Umpiring Secretary on SLA Committee. She gained an A umpiring qualification in 1987. Between 1982 and 2000 Jenny was Scotland’s delegate to the IFWLA Annual Conferences (in Scotland, England, Wales, USA, Japan, Australia) In 1983 she was appointed the Scottish Schoolgirls/ Junior Scotland Coach, a role that continued until 1995 when she coached the Under 19 Squad for the first Under 19 World Championships in the USA. Jenny has been an Assistant Coach and a Selector for the Senior Squad and since 1980 has been a Junior Scotland/Under 19 selector.

Andy Pearson has produced all the International Match programmes and posters for the SLA. He has created all the graphics, forms and stationery for the 1993 Lacrosse World Cup at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. Andy was a member of a Committee of six who organised the first Scottish World Cup, and was Site Manager, responsible for on-site equipment and facilities for the event at the Riccarton campus. Andy created the database, designed the format and the reporting for the membership of the Scottish Lacrosse Association and produced the Members’ Handbook annually for many years. He investigated website possibilities for the Association and was then asked to create a website in about 2002. This he updated when SLA changed its name to Lacrosse Scotland and Andy continues to maintain and update the present website. Andy has been a member of the Home Internationals Organising Committee from 1980 to the present day. He qualified as an A umpire and has been responsible for running the score table at all Internationals since the early 1980s.

*Honorary Vice President of Lacrosse Scotland

—Jane Claydon | Chair of the Hall of Fame Committee, Lacrosse Scotland

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