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Hong Kong Women's Lacrosse Clinic Report

(HONG KONG, CHINA) The HKLA women’s lacrosse team first participated in international lacrosse events in 2006 at the annual Prague Cup. Last year, the HKLA sent a women’s team to participate in the China Ambition Lacrosse Friendship Games (Beijing Cup) 2008 held in Beijing. The HKLA has been having regular training led by volunteer coach Ms. Deborah Erwin (former Canadian collegiate player) for women. There are mainly 2 types of women lacrosse players are in Hong Kong; those who have started their lacrosse training when studying in countries where lacrosse is played at secondary school level, and those who have picked up the sport with the HKLA. Since our players come from different walks of life with varying ages, currently the HKLA only offers one 2 hours weekly practice on the weekends per week for players of different skill levels.

Since women’s lacrosse is still under development in Hong Kong, there are currently not enough regular participants to organize a women’s lacrosse league. Whilst the HKLA is working on building a local women’s league; we plan to participate in at least one international lacrosse competition/ tournament each year to give our players opportunity to gain games experience and keep their interest in the sport; which are crucial to the further development of women’s lacrosse in Hong Kong. This year, the HKLA women’s lacrosse team will participate at the 2009 ASPAC Lacrosse Tournament in Suwon Korea from 8th – 13th June.

In preparation for the ASPAC tournament, and further overall development of women’s lacrosse in Hong Kong, the HKLA has invited the JLA to send coaches and players to Hong Kong for a lacrosse clinic. The focus is to provide gaming experience for the HKLA team as well as to evaluate the current training methods and to learn coaching techniques from JLA experienced coaches.

Overview of the Clinic: The clinic consisted of total 7.5 hours of training sessions, 2 hours of game time and 2 hours of beginners’ introductory course and game over 2 days. Training sessions were conducted by 3 JLA coaches and 1 HKLA coach in 5 sessions of 1.5 hours. The alternate sessions by different coaches gave the players a chance for players to experience different training styles. The HKLA coach and players can also benefit from comparing and evaluating the advantages and deficiencies of the current training method.
The 2 hours of game time were divided into a full 1 hour game on the first day of the clinic and 3 nos. twenty minutes 7-a-side games on the second day. The purpose of the full game is to give the HKLA team a chance to play as a team before the ASPAC tournament, and the mini-games provided opportunities for players to experience different playing styles and learn from playing along more experienced players.

The beginners’ introductory session was held on the first day of the clinic; following the full game between Team HKLA and Shirayuri University. It was planned so that beginners get a chance to observe women’s lacrosse in a competitive setting. This is very important in promoting women’s lacrosse in Hong Kong since as mentioned, there is currently no beginning with a 1.5 hours introductory session in which beginners (no previous lacrosse experience to up to 3 months casual training) were taught basic lacrosse skills and rules by all coaches and players, followed by a half hour game for beginners to try out their newly acquired skills.

Event: HKLA Women’s Lacrosse Clinic 2009
Date: 9-10 May 2009
Venue: Pitch 1/2, Stanley Ho Sports Centre, University of Hong Kong, Sandy Bay, Hong Kong
JLA Coaches: Ms. Sachiyo Yamada (Head Coach), Ms. Yoshie Miura, Ms. Runa Suzuki (Goalie Coach)
Team Coaches: Mr. Mikihiro Matsuzono (Shirayuri University), Mr. Yuki Mano
HKLA Coach: Miss Deborah Erwin

Number of Participants: Training sessions: 24 nos (10 players from Shirayuri University, 14 players from HKLA)
Beginners’ session: 30 nos of beginners

Clinic Schedule:
8 May (FRI) Evening Welcoming Dinner by HKLA and Coaches’ Pre-Clinic Meeting
09:30-11:00 Training Session by HKLA Coach
11:00- 12:30 Training Session by JLA Coaches
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 Training Session by JLA Coaches
15:00-16:00 Full Game (Shirayuri University vs HKLA)
16:00-17:30 Training Sessions for Beginners, Supported by All Players and Coaches
17:30-18:00 7-a-side games for beginners 9 May (SAT) Evening Dinner and Coaches’ Meeting
11.00-12.00 Training Session by HKLA Coach
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13:00-15:00 Training Session by JLA Coaches
15:00-16:00 Three mini games:
1) All players mixed up into 2 teams
2) HKLA vs Shirayuri University
3) HKLA vs Coaches
16:00-17:00 Evaluation Meeting
10 May Evening Farewell Dinner

Training Sessions:
The following have been covered in the training sessions:

Attacking Drills
•  Drawing the defense on a man-up situation.
•  Making the correct decisions in attacks regarding passing

Movement around the circle
•  Cutting around the goal area
•  Movement and vision on the field

Shooting Drills
– Knowing where is the weakest spot of goalie
– Faking shots
– Different styles of shots
– Variations of timing and speed of the shots.

Defense Drills
– One on one defending
– Effective man down defending

Specific training for Goalie was given by JLA coach, Ms. Runa Suzuki to the goalies
of the 2 teams.

Conclusion: To conclude, Women’s Lacrosse Clinic 2009 was conducted successfully. The feedbacks from the participants have been positive and encouraging. In fact all of them expressed that the clinic has increased their interest in playing lacrosse and that they would like the HKLA to hold similar events regularly. It was also a great opportunity to promote the sport to local university students. Initial responses from JLA coaches have also been very encouraging, in fact soon after the JLA coaches returned to Japan, the HKLA received tentative proposal from JLA for a similar clinic to be planned for March 2010.
The clinic was the first ever held in Hong Kong for women’s lacrosse, we believe that it was a fundamental step in developing the skills and cultivating continual interest in lacrosse of local women lacrosse players. On a more short term basis, the clinic served the purpose of preparing the HKLA women’s team well to compete in the ASPAC 2009 tournament in Suwon Korea in June.

The HKLA is most appreciative of the FIL Development Committee for granting sponsorship for the JLA coaches travel expenses which made this clinic possible. The HKLA is also indebted to the JLA for their support in this event by coordinating with the visiting university team and providing excellent coaches to conduct the clinic. Their invaluable contribution is greatly appreciated. We believe that the strong bonds between our associations will continue to grow and strengthen with time. We look forward to future collaboration with JLA and other members of the lacrosse community.

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