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Final Standings, Award Winners and Results

COQUITLAM, BC – Final standings, award winners and results from the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) Under-19 Men’s Lacrosse World Championship at Percy Perry Stadium.


1. United States
2. Canada
3. Iroquois Nationals
4. Australia
5. England
6. Israel
7. Ireland
8. Germany
9. China
10. Scotland
11. Hong Kong
12. Korea
13. Mexico
14. Taiwan


Tournament MVP

Jared Bernhardt, USA

Positional Player MVPs

Goal – Kyle Hebert, Canada
Defence – Ryland Rees, Canada
Midield – Jared Bernhardt, USA
Attack – Tehoka Nanticoke, Iroquois Nationals

World Team

Goal – Kyle Hebert, Canada
Defence – Jack Rowlett, USA; Ryland Rees, Canada; Patrick Foley, USA
Midfield – Jared Bernhardt, USA; Treton Leclaire, Canada; Austin Henningsen, USA
Attack – Michael Sowers, USA; Tehoka Nanticoke, Iroquois Nationals; Austin Staats, Iroquois Nationals

FIL Presidents Team

China – Kevin Dong, Andrew Song
Germany – Soren Spiegel
Ireland – Conor Austin, Rory Madigan
Israel – Nick Schulkin, David Metzger, Noah Knopf, Zachary Ornstein
Scotland – Doug Tewnion

Graham Lester Spirit of Lacrosse Award

Referees – David Goulet
United States – Bill Leahy
Canada – Jason Donville
Iroquois Nationals – Denise Waterman
Australia – Samuel Koczwara
England – Alison Cara
Israel – Lidor Ashtamkar
Ireland – Kelly Gillis
Germany – Knut Post
China – Ziyan Zeng
Scotland – Dominic Koyroytsaltis-McQuire
Hong Kong – Muji Lo
Korea – Hyunjoon Park
Mexico – Diego Valdivia
Taiwan – Sarah Lin


July 16 – Medal Games

Gold-Medal Game: USA 13 Canada 12
Bronze-Medal Game: Iroquois Nationals 20 Australia 8
5th Place Game: England 10 Israel 7

July 15 – Placement Games

7th Place: Ireland 16 Germany 12
9th Place: China 15 Scotland 9
11th Place: Hong Kong 13 vs Korea 4
13th Place: Mexico 9 Taiwan 4

July 14 – Semifinals

9th to 12th Place Bracket
9-12 SF1: China 14 Korea 7
9-12 SF2: Hong Kong 10 Scotland 7
5th to 8th Place Bracket
5-8 SF1: Israel 10 Ireland 8
5-8 SF2: England 13 Germany 9
Championship Semifinals
Championship SF1: USA 23 Australia 1
Championship SF2: Canada 14 Iroquois Nationals 11

July 13 – Quarter-finals

QF1: Taiwan 9 Korea 6
QF2: Germany 11 China 7
QF3: Iroquois 22 Ireland 5
QF4: Scotland 14 Mexico 3
QF5: Australia 21 Israel 9

Final Divisional Standings

July 12

Scotland 15 Korea 3
Israel 13 Mexico 2
Ireland 15 China 7
Germany 14 Hong Kong 3
USA 19 England 6
Iroquois Nationals 16 Australia 5

July 11

Taiwan 8 Mexico 7 (7 OT)
Israel 12 Germany 7
China 12 Scotland 5
Canada 17 Australia 3
USA 17 Iroquois Nationals 3

July 10

Ireland 19 Korea 4
Israel 17 Taiwan 4
Hong Kong 12 Mexico 5
Australia 13 England 10
Canada 12 Iroquois Nationals 9

July 9

Germany 13 Mexico 0
Hong Kong 15 Taiwan 1
China 15 Korea 4
USA 13 Australia 4
Canada 24 England 2

July 8

Israel 10 Hong Kong 3
Ireland 14 Scotland 9
Germany 19 Taiwan 2
Iroquois Nationals 22 England 4

July 7

USA 12 Canada 5

About the FIL

The Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) is the international governing body for men’s and women’s lacrosse. The FIL currently has 52 member nations and holds five World Championships (women’s and men’s field, women’s and men’s U19 field and men’s indoor.) The FIL is responsible for the governance and integrity of all forms of lacrosse and provides responsive and effective leadership to support the sports’ development throughout the world.

About the Canadian Lacrosse Association

Founded in 1867, the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) is the governing body responsible for all aspects of lacrosse in Canada. Our organization is comprised of 10 Member Associations representing nearly 80,000 individual participants, including coaches, officials, and athletes of all ages and abilities. The CLA’s mission is to honour the sport of lacrosse and its unique nation-building heritage, by engaging our members, leading our partners, and providing opportunities for all Canadians to participate. We strive to accomplish this while adhering to our core values of health, excellence, accountability, respect and teamwork. The CLA oversees the delivery of numerous national championships and the participation of Team Canada at all international events sanctioned by the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL). The CLA is proud to be affiliated with partners that share the same vision and values, including our corporate partners – Warrior Sports, New Balance Athletics, Westjet, and Baron Rings – as well as our funding partners the Government of Canada, the Coaching Association of Canada, and the Canadian Lacrosse Foundation. For more information on Canadian Lacrosse Association and the sport of lacrosse, visit our website at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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