Colombian U19 Women prepare for 2015 World Championship debut

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Colombian U19 Women prepare for 2015 World Championship debut

(BOGOTA, COLOMBIA) Last month (January, 2015) the Colombia Lacrosse Association held its very first U19 Girls lax camp with players attending from schools all across the city. Having just started our application for passports the dream of seeing Scotland is getting more and more within our reach. The girls are seeing the end goal and training harder and faster than ever.

The January clinic focused mainly on on-field spacial awareness and positioning around the goal. The stick skills of the girls are improving quickly, but they are still developing on-field knowledge which is hard to instill when they haven’t played team sports before. This is a big hurdle we’re facing as we work to grow and expand the girls side of the sport across Colombia. The girls are learning fast though, and their dedication, alongside the friendships they are developing, are exciting for all the people involved in the Association to see.

Julia Herzfelder, U19 Colombia Team Midfielder

Julia Herzfelder, U19 Colombia Team Midfielder

U19 Colombia Team midfielder Julia Herzfelder came down from Boston to help out with the clinic, – even missing school to take part in the camp. Julia has been involved in the Colombia Girls program from the beginning having organised a stick drive with the help of her club team, Mass Elite. We were also joined by Colombian-American coach Mo Gaitan whose experience with start-up projects understands well the difficulties faced playing in a country where women’s sport is not part of the mainstream.

Johana and Adriana, U19 Colombia

Johana and Adriana, U19 Colombia coaches

Johana and Adriana, our two Colombian coaches, exceeded all expectations. Playing alongside the girls they have evolved their own on-field coaching style and took away many pointers from the foreign coaches. Both Mo and Julia were blown away by their ganas, skills and all round leadership on the field. These girls continue to coach the U19 teams following the clinic with great success.

Johana with clinic participants

Johana with clinic participants

After a clinic like the one we just had, it seems like there is nothing we can’t achieve with Colombia Lacrosse. Thank you to everyone who helped out and please get involved if you have any questions or want to help out in any way at all.


Lotty Lawrence

—Lotty Lawrence | on the LaxAllStars Colombia Lacrosse Blog

Lotty Lawrence is the Women’s Program Director for Colombia Lacrosse and Head Coach of Colombia’s U19 National Team


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