Road to the Olympics Update

By | 2017-04-21T14:54:37+00:00 July 25th, 2014|FIL, World Events|

(WILMINGTON, DE) During the recent FIL Men’s World Lacrosse Championships held in Denver, CO and hosted by the US Lacrosse, Inc., there were many positive occurrences for the sport of Lacrosse to show the world “IT’S COMING BACK!” […]

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"America's First Sport" on Vimeo

By | 2017-04-21T14:54:38+00:00 April 2nd, 2014|FIL|

(Syracuse University) The first sporting event every observed by Europeans in North America was a lacrosse game in 1637. Jesuit missionaries from France saw hundreds of native men playing a ball game with sticks that they thought resembled a bishop’s crosier, so they called the game “lacrosse.” […]

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"America's First Sport" to Air on ESPNU

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(Syracuse, NY) “America’s First Sport,” a documentary about lacrosse, the oldest and — in the 21st century the fastest growing — sport in America, will air on ESPNU this Saturday, March 29th on ESPNU at 11am. […]

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2013 World Cup Awards

By | 2017-04-21T14:54:38+00:00 July 26th, 2013|FIL, Women, World Events|

(OSHAWA, CANADA) The Federation of International Lacrosse presented a Heart of Lacrosse Award to 22 deserving recipients at the awards dinner following the tournament on Saturday, July 20th. […]

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2013 World Cup All-World Team

By | 2017-04-19T15:08:29+00:00 July 21st, 2013|FIL, Women, World Events|

(OSHAWA, ONTARIO) FIL World Champion Team USA received some further honors on Saturday evening, as six players were named to the All-World Team at the athletes banquet following their gold medal performance against Canada. […]

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