2013 World Cup Awards

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2013 World Cup Awards

(OSHAWA, CANADA) The Federation of International Lacrosse presented a Heart of Lacrosse Award to 22 deserving recipients at the awards dinner following the tournament on Saturday, July 20th.

The award is presented to individuals who have:

  • Made an outstanding individual contribution to the group selecting them
  • Made an excellent and professional contribution to the event
  • Made a difference to someone in the group, or to the whole group which has significantly enhanced their ability to participate in the event


Austria – Mike Perez

In addition to coaching the Austrian National team, Mike has put a great deal of effort into growing the sport of lacrosse in Austria. He has helped raise the standard of play for women’s lacrosse in Austria and raised our spirits. He is one of the main drivers for Austria’s presence at the 2013 WC.

Australia – Jen Adams

The heart of lacrosse is not what you do, it is the inner passion that binds minds to spirits. Jen’s journey for the Australian campaign dealt her a personal setback with devastating results. Her courage and strength not only inspired Australia as a team, but also demonstrated what team really is. Jen is a true woman of wisdom and has an incredible sense of team.

Canada – Julie MacDonald

Julie is a true professional. At 5 1/2 months pregnant, as Canada’s Athletic Therapist, she has been working 10-12 hour days treating players and keeping them healthy, covering games, and running back and forth to her own doctor’s appointments. This is her second commitment to Team Canada, and while the therapist’s role can sometimes get lost in the mix, Julie is truly a valued member of the Team Canada staff.

England – Katy Bennett

Participating in her 4th World Cup, and despite suffering an acute injury in the first game of the event, Katy has given and continues to give tirelessly and selflessly to her fellow players and country. As a teacher, countless girls are learning to play under her tutelage, and as a player, she leads the way in tactical awareness and skill.

Finland – Tiiamari Grondahl

Tiiamari played a significant role in helping the Finnish team get prepared for the World Cup. As general manager of Team Finland, she oversaw and organized all aspects of operations behind the scenes in cooperation with the assistant general manager, local officials, teams, players and coaches, even though she was unable to travel to the World Cup. All of this was done as a volunteer without any pay or outside recognition or rewards. It is because of her Tilamari Finland is here.

Germany – Tanya Kotowicz

After the disappointment of being left off of the 18 player roster, Tanya selflessly switched roles from player to mentor of the team. Tanya’s ability to put others ahead of herself made us all proud to have her as a member of the 2013 German World Cup Team.

Haudenosaunee – Randall Goldsborough

A 2-time member of the US team in 2001 and 2005, World Cup gold medalist in 2001, Randall’s passion, knowledge and past experience has helped elevate the play of the Haudenosaunee. Throughout the process, Randall has been an inspiration to the team. When the team arrived at the Oshawa Civic Centre and saw the 2005 World Cup poster with Randall right in the front, the team knew how fortunate they were to have such a great part of our program. Randall has helped change the future of the Haudenosaunee Women’s Lacrosse program.

Hong Kong – Cheryl MacNeill and Steph Green

Hong Kong would like to thank Cheryl and Steph for making their participation in the World Cup so enjoyable. No question was ever too trivial to answer and this made things so much easier for their first event.

Ireland – Katelin Billups

Katelin has demonstrated outstanding leadership both on and off the pitch for Ireland for the last 3 years. She has coached and organized the university college Dublin and Ireland Development teams in the Irish Lacrosse League and numerous tournaments throughout Europe. She has served as the Women’s Program Director for the past year and a half, and as a player, has captained Ireland at the 2012 Europeans and the 2013 World Cup. Ireland Lacrosse is very proud of Katelin and appreciates her hard work.

Israel – Katie Mazer

Katie made Aliyah, becoming a dual citizen of Israel, and has been living in Israel helping to grow the game at all levels. Before the team came together, she ran practices in Israel for half the squad, and helped those players make tremendous strides in their game. During the three weeks together as a team, Katie took it upon herself to make sure every team member got a little better on the field every day, and that everyone knew how important they were to the team. She is an excellent ambassador for the country of Israel and the sport of lacrosse.

Japan – Cheryl MacNeill

Cheryl has made an outstanding contribution to the success of the 2013 World Cup. She was able to provide us with all of the answers to our questions, and if she didn’t know the answer, was quick to find out. She has been a great help to the Japanese team and we are proud to nominate her as a recipient of the Heart of Lacrosse award.

South Korea – Hae Soo Lee

Hae Soo Lee has been contributing to the team since the beginning of the tryouts by not only participating as a player but also by organizing the 2013 Korean Women’s Lacrosse National team.

Latvia – James (Jim) Carroll

James Carroll has truly embodied what it means to be the heart of lacrosse. Although he is on the Ireland staff, he seems to be an overall ambassador of the sport. Everyday, we have witnessed him impacting teams, including Latvia with his positive words and encouragement. He is constantly reminding players, coaches and umpires about the heart, hustle and spirit of the game.

Netherlands – Joop Joost (JJ) Hietbrink

In January of this year, JJ and Kate Okrasinski met in an Amsterdam café and really decided to make the participation of the Netherlands in the World Cup a reality. He has worked, day in and day out, to recruit, fund-raise and build the opportunity for the girls to make it here to Oshawa. Without his commitment and passion for Dutch lacrosse, none of this would have been possible.

New Zealand – Elly Tobias

New Zealand is awarding their heart of lacrosse award to their physiotherapist. She offers tireless support of the entire team including the coaching staff, during training, and on tour. Her day begins very early in the morning treating players and doesn’t stop until very late at night. She also offers emotional support to the players

Scotland – Jen Allison

Jen contributed to the development and success of the 2013 Scottish World Cup team in many ways. She worked selflessly this past year in a number of roles: assistant coach, assistant manager, team doctor and even team translator (American to Scottish/Scottish to American) which have been essential in ensuring that players and staff received all of the support necessary for the duration of this event. It is fitting that her dedication to her country and to lacrosse in Scotland be recognized with this award.

Sweden – Daniel Svanstrom (Svan strum)

Daniel is the heart and soul of Sweden lacrosse. His hard work and dedication have enabled Sweden to compete in their first ever World Cup.

USA – Wendy Stone

Team USA nominates manager Wendy Stone for the 2013 Heart of Lacrosse award. Wendy performs her managerial responsibilities with the utmost passion, organization, and attention to detail. She regularly keeps the team and staff on task while always putting the needs of others at the forefront of her mind. Her caring, compassionate, and dedicated personality has undoubtedly helped shape the positive team dynamic that consistently propels our team forward. Wendy truly is the heart and soul of our team.

Wales – Nigel Wray

When support takes the form of combined substance and generosity, results are ground breaking. Nigel Wray’s support for Wales lacrosse can be described as nothing less. His financial contributions, compounded with his expertise in the world of professional sports has empowered the squad’s success. Nigel’s intelligent passion for the beauty of competition glows not only in his daughter Lucy, but in 24 other individuals who represent Wales – as such, he personifies the heart of lacrosse.

Officials – Ann Hutchings

Ann Hutchings, Head Technical Delegate, deserves a Heart of Lacrosse award for her tireless efforts leading, guiding, and organizing the event’s 38 member umpire and technical delegate pool. Ann designed classroom sessions, led field evaluations, and coordinated fitness tests to ensure the tournament had a fit, knowledgeable and skilled umpire team. Ann’s compassion, humour and dedication ensured the cohesiveness of the 3rd team on the field, which allowed for safe and fair competition.

FIL – Denise Wescott and Chip Rogers

The following words describe the two people who are the joint recipients of the Heart of Lacrosse award from FIL. Tireless, Selfless, Passionate, Unwaivering, Generous and sleep deprived !!!

—Shelley Maher | FIL Director of Women’s Lacrosse

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