4 Aug 2015

Heart of Lacrosse Awards

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(Edinburgh, Scotland) On Saturday, August 1st, Federation of International Lacrosse, Lacrosse Scotland and event organizers named the 2015 Heart of Lacosse award winners during the Closing Ceremonies of the 2015 FIL Rathbones U19 Women’s World Lacrosse Championship.

Congratulations to all of the 2015 Heart of Lacrosse award recipients!

Shelley Maher, FIL’s Director of Women’s Lacrosse provided a brief write-up for each Heart of Lacrosse recipient:

Rocharne Brady

1. Australia – Rocharne Brady

After being named in the 18 team roster to compete at this championship & fulfilling the grueling preparation & training, Sharni tore her ACL just weeks before leaving Australian shores. One of the most positive people on the team Sharni has taken on the role of being a supportive teammate off the field. She is a great example of a truly selfless athlete, constantly putting the teams needs ahead of her own.

Fernanda Bolanos

2. Colombia – Fernanda Bolanos

Fernanda Bolanos is the epitome of what a sports player should be. On and off the field she thinks of everyone else before herself (from the smallest things like taking a bath last to refusing a sports massage because to her everybody else needs it more). She is the team’s biggest support when she’s not playing and takes so much pride in our achievements as a team. She is a huge part of the reason that Colombia Lacrosse could field a full team as she encouraged all her friends to start playing lacrosse. We love her!

Mark Morissette

3. Canada – Mark Morissette

As Team Manager, Mark is the driving force behind the current success of Canada Lacrosse. His endless passion and dedication to our team goes above and beyond all expectations. Mark has volunteered countless hours to ensure that all members of the team (players and staff) have received all of the necessary and essential supports. Throughout this journey, Mark’s work ethic coupled with consistent expectations and sense of humor have made this an unforgettable experience.

Adéla Procházková

4. Czech Republic – Adéla Procházková

Adéla is recognized for outstanding performance off and on the field and hard work. She cares for teammates and has a great passion for lacrosse.

5. England – Emma Dunphy

Emma Dunphy

Emma Dunphy, team physiotherapist, has tirelessly worked to keep our team physically able to compete. She has gone above and beyond dealing with injuries (particularly helping girls in-between squad weekends while juggling a full-time job) as well as dealing with injuries, running recovery sessions and giving general support here at the championships. We hope this award shows just how much we appreciate her help. Thank you, Emma!

6. Finland – Päivi Huhtanen and Jussi Kokkola

Together they have worked hard to get more youngsters to play lacrosse in Finland. As coaches and team managers, they have worked countless hours of volunteer work to grow lacrosse in Finland amongst the young people.

Jaclyn Klaus

7. Germany – Jaclyn Klaus

Although giving birth only 5 months ago, she showed great commitment to the program. A senior National Team player preparing for European Championship, she competed in one of the top teams in the German Championship, three months after giving birth. She always has a positive attitude and coaches a club team. She is a role model on and off the field.

8. Israel – Hannah Deoul

Hannah Deoul

Hannah made Aliyah and became a dual citizen of Israel fresh out of college and has been working tirelessly to help grow the game ever since. As the head coach of a first-year program, she recruited and trained every player on her team, inspiring them to be and do more than they’d ever imagined. She has helped introduce the sport to over 2,000 Israeli youth and has become a role model to young players all over the country, especially her U-19 Team. Hannah is an excellent ambassador for the State of Israel and the sport of lacrosse.

9. Japan – Naoko Takaba

Naoko is the translator for the Japan Lacrosse Association. While she could not attend Scotland with the Japanese U19 team, she has been instrumental in helping the team in Japan. We thank you, Naoko!

10. Korea – Eunah Choi

Eunah Choi

As Assistant Coach, Eunah thoroughly prepared her players to jump in the U19 world championship. She boosted their confidence and encouraged us to play each game intensely. Although she was in the sidelines, she was always with us in the field; both attack and defense. Her powerful voice and gestures showed that she was the most passionate coach we could ever ask for.

Remington Steele

11. New Zealand – Remington Steele

Remington was named head coach of the 2015 NZ U19 Lacrosse Team in May 2013 and first visited New Zealand in July 2013. Since that first visit the lacrosse knowledge he has imparted to the coaching team and players has hugely increased the ability of all, culminating in New Zealand’s best ever finish at an Under 19 World Championship, for that we thank him!

12. Scotland – Lucy Houston

Lucy has been vital in the execution of the tournament, organizing the volunteers. A constant positive and supportive presence, Lucy has worked tirelessly for the Lacrosse Scotland. Further, she continues to be a positive supporter for the Scotland Team.

Caroline Zaffino

13. USA – Caroline Zaffino

Since the minute Caroline Zaffino was named to the U.S. Squad, she has always put team first in her play and actions. Despite being an alternate, Caroline has made the most of her opportunity and her upbeat and unselfish attitude has positively impacted the experience of all U.S. players and staff.

Storm Trentham

14. Wales – Storm Trentham

Over the past 15 months, Storm has devoted an unenviable amount of time and energy to building on her success of 4 years ago. She stepped up to the plate in the face of adversity and has given her all to fill the shoes of World Champion Coach Krystin Porcella during her maternity leave. She makes Wales proud.

Stephen Taylor

Officials – Stephen Taylor

As the FIL Women’s Director of Officiating, Stephen has led a group of 34 officials including 24 umpires and 10 technical delegates in their quest to deliver the very best officiating possible throughout the event. Coordinating and leading a team who have come from all corners of the globe has been no easy feat and Stephen has done this with passion, patience and professionalism.

FIL – Lorna and Rob Powell

Lorna Powell

Rob Powell

FIL takes tremendous pleasure in presenting their Heart of Lacrosse award to the Event Director and her husband, Lorna and Rob Powell. From a brief conversation and fleeting thought more than 4 years ago, to now, the culminating day of the largest U19 FIL Women’s World Championship ever held, there is only one word to say to Lorna and Rob. Legends !!!


About the FIL

The Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) is the international governing body for men’s and women’s lacrosse. The FIL currently has 52 member nations and holds five World Championships (women’s and men’s field, women’s and men’s U19 field and men’s indoor.) The FIL is responsible for the governance and integrity of all forms of lacrosse and provides responsive and effective leadership to support the sports’ development throughout the world.

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