A message from the Federation of International Lacrosse President, Stan Cockerton

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Stan Cockerton
FIL President

Welcome to the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) website and may I say thank you to the hundreds of thousands of volunteers, administrators, coaches, officials and players who make up our FIL membership Worldwide. Your combined efforts and passion at the grassroots level in combination with our FIL development programs has been a great formula for our current success and unprecedented growth. Let’s continue to stay focused, passionate and work together as we move forward together and make even greater growth strides in the future.

FIL, formed in 2008 in a merger of the International Federation of Women’s Lacrosse (IFWLA) and the International Lacrosse Association (ILF-Men), is currently the unified governing body for International Lacrosse. Although we have many areas that still need to be addressed, for the most part the transition to a unified body has been seamless, positive and was an essential step in reaching all our current and future goals and objectives.

FIL through its strategic plan has identified the following five (5) priority areas currently being worked on:

  1. Effective governance and financial management
  2. Provide quality events and programs for our coaches, officials and players
  3. Provide quality programs and resources for the International Development of Lacrosse
  4. Establish and approve a set of International rules for all forms of lacrosse
  5. Increase the promotion and marketing of lacrosse internationally

It is our hope that FIL’s efforts in these five key areas combined with the ongoing commitment to developing lacrosse by our member nations and grassroots members will ensure the establishment of a strong and lasting foundation for our Federation and sport to build upon.

We should feel fortunate and proud to be involved in lacrosse at such a positive time in its history. We have grown from five members in 1972 to nearly ten times that amount on six continents today. We should thank those who have worked so hard at all levels to get us here. Let’s celebrate our current success and then let us all move forward together and bring our sport to even greater heights internationally in the future.

Please contact myself or any of our FIL Board or committee members if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve the administration, events or programs of the Federation.

Again, thank you to all our lacrosse enthusiasts around the World for your continued efforts and passion in promoting and developing our great game of lacrosse internationally.

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